Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hongdae inspiration

Most of my year in Korea was spent tragically artless. I blame Busan. The weekend before my final departure, I abandoned my friends and set off to Seoul for my one and only art run. I stayed in Hongdae (Hongik University) because I heard that was where all the artsy kids hang out. I was disappointed the place didn't come alive until mid to late afternoon which I guess is when people start sobering up. The coolest thing I found in Hongdae was the Saturday free market. People set up booths and sell handmade jewelry, notebooks, and even pouches for holding maxi pads (a Korean girl with almost no English had a fun time explaining this to me). There was also a guy making and selling cell phone accessories made from old school computer keys. He was standoffish and disinterested and I prefer to buy from friendly people, but I couldn't resist the awesomeness of the design.

Isn't he adorable?


Fast forwarding to now: as Bryan had the sudden inspiration to make things out of recycled materials, there is now a huge pile of electronics junk lying around his living room. This gave me the opportunity to try making my own key guys. Mine are makeshiftier, but they'll do. I decided to give these to Tristan and Caroline for their birthdays. Sorry if it ruins the surprise ;) Notice the sparkly butterfly clip (these used to be awesome in grade 7).

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