Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Blogging Begins

I always catch on to treads during their dénouement and get the short end of the stick. By the time I started collecting pogs, the basketball courts were near empty at recess. There were only a couple of kids still slamming the nerdy way. Soon, there was no one left to play with me.

I remember when blogs first became the rage and all the cool kids were doing it. Too quickly it became self indulgent to write about the mediocrities of one's life while expecting others to care. Why should my friends want to read about my movie preferences when we could have a real life discussion? Plus with the advancements of Facebook, everyone I ever met pretty much knows me inside and out. It might therefore be redundant that I'm starting a blog. However, this form of self marketing just might be the wave of the future. Also Bryan told me to do it.

I started out using wordpress because it looked credible and had more options. I abandoned it for Blogger because it wasn't as user friendly and I haven't made a webpage since the good old days of geocities and something called expage. I used to think myself internet savvy when I was thirteen. Indeed, I've been on the internet since its existence in the public domain. I'm twenty four, but this is my first blog (ten years ago, I would have known how to make the word "blog" flashing in rainbow colors and sliding across the screen). Anyways. Here we go.

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