Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cartoons of my life

In Korea, I started drawing myself as a character in cartoons of my life. I think of these as a more personal perspective on the PNU bar scene. I must have been hyper self aware, or social occurrences were more ridiculous there, or memorable things just happen in bars. Either way, these represent excerpts of conversations I actually had, most likely word for word. I drew these in Korea, except for the last two which I started in Korea and filled in in more detail today.  

This first picture is not exact from memory. It's a drawing of a guy I met at Tai Hyun's going away party at Moe's. We connected over our mutual disillusionment. I let him walk out without getting his number because I figured I'd find him on Facebook or that my friends would know of him. When I got home at 7am, I wrote down all the information I remembered about him but couldn't find him again. I deeply regretted it and thought of him often. Many months later, I saw him again at Moe's during a concert, but he was with a hot girl and didn't seem to notice I was there. I hadn't been thinking of him anymore but I wished he remembered me. Now I can't even remember his name.

I met a lot of people at bars. I would even see them again, but that didn't mean we were friends or that I knew their names. "Eric, eh? I had a boyfriend called Eric. You're much cuter though." I should just refrain from speaking while drunk.

Who sends a text message asking "What are you up to tomorrow?" and then doesn't reply to "I don't know yet"? I was furious.

This is me trying to make an intelligent statement while drunk at a Canada Day party. That's the famous Canadian, Collwyn entertaining us on guitar.

Alternately, this one could have read: "You're different from all these people, Emily. You're an intellectual." Me: "You're just saying that because I have glasses."

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