Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yay Canada

So I hear that Canada won the most gold medals, like, ever. I'm not a big sports fan but there is a certain amount of pleasure in seeing the US come second to us. We should also be proud that we created the most innovative medal design I've ever seen, however ugly it may be. Who would've thought to create an "undulating" surface but British Columbians. I'm torn between appreciation of the unique design and the undeniable reality that they look like a manufacturing error. Maybe the varied plane could have been a little more subtle, or just plain flat like most of the great Canadian landscape. What I love is the imagery on the front of the medals. It comes from an orca image drawn by aboriginal West coast artist Corrine Hunt. The image on each medal was "hand-cropped" from the greater image so that each medal is different and unique. I guess that's what you might call a modern (they were drawn onto the medals using a laser) form of handicraft.

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