Sunday, January 30, 2011

Come up to my room @ the Gladstone

Shrine Dedicated to the Memory of Demolished Barns and Fallen Trees by Lubo Brezina and Scott Eunson

By Groundwork

The following was probably my favourite thing - a warped facade of a room, made of thread. I overheard the artist talking about this work and she said that although the room appears generic, it was based on her actual room. She also said that her training was in drawing, not textiles, and she was essentially trying to draw with thread. 

By Amanda McCavour

Sorry if that's you...

Moose made of stickers! Awesome.

A peace sign made of many tiny toy soldiers

This is also pretty neat. The following is from her statement: 

This work is hand painted silk mounted on plastic discs. The two layers of portraits are created from photos of Chinese-Canadian women including myself. On one side, images depict the time these women were in China. On the other side, the images depict the time these women were in Canada. The layered images create the feeling of the two identities merging together.

By Xiaojing Yan

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