Friday, January 22, 2010

love letter to a tree, fragmented by design

Hello, tree chair, I think I love you. Yes, I do want to be reminded that I am sitting on a tree when I am, and you achieve that so perfectly. Your spindly unkempt legs reminding me of the very essence of your being. Let's live harmoniously together in my kitchen. Won't you be mine?

I am slightly less impressed by the designer's skills of construction after discovering that the bases of these objects were made from found chair and table parts, not made specially for the objects. The parts being "salvaged" are nevertheless in keeping with the simple yet excellent concept, however impractical it may be for a table to have that many legs.

Canadian Artist/designer is Ryan Legassicke and I found this on the MADE Design online gallery.

P.S. Toronto International Design Festival is on now (Jan 19-24).

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